“Roy Tosh is a son to Abba, our Father in Heaven. Roy Tosh is a husband and a daddy, which is dope, and Roy Tosh is hopefully a faithful servant to the Kingdom of God. That was really deep.”

Orlando, Florida artist Roy Tosh wants to bring hope to the hopeless. “I want people to be encouraged. There’s so many things that get us down in this world.” He says that despite the trials and tribulations of this world, we can look to God for hope.

Roy Tosh faced quite a few trials in the past year or so. The greatest of the trials went into his hit inspiration single “Stronger” featuring V. Rose. The song has accumulated over one million streams online.

“The circumstances that that song was birthed out of were horrible. I was told five different times that my dad wouldn’t make it through the night.”

Tosh’s father suffered an aneurysm and was given less than ten percent chance to survive. “There were so many emotional rollercoasters through that three-month process.” His father underwent six major surgeries.

Through this period, Roy Tosh came to truly believe that “God is an ever-present help in the midst of trouble.” He and his family tried to not believe it when the doctor told them that his father was going to die. “That’s the circumstances. I’m not gonna look at that. I’m gonna look to God who is present right now, right here.”

He believes that God’s love helped to sustain this family while his father was fighting for his life. “God works together all things for our good, right? In the midst of those circumstances, it didn’t look like He was going to.”

Now his father is on the mend.  “God restores things and He’s a God of redemption. We’ve truly seen the redemptive part of that.” Tosh’s parents live in Indiana and he recently did a concert in Indianapolis with Jordan Feliz. “I got to share his story… and share what my family went through, and he walked up the stage with his walker and it was just a crazy emotional moment.”

Besides being a son, Roy Tosh is also a husband and a father. “My son is three. He changed our world. Such a gift from God.” He and his wife also have a one-year-old daughter and a third child on the way. “There’s just nothing like having your own family. I call them Team Tosh.”

He has learned a lot about himself from becoming a family man. “I’m very selfish and self-centered. I can be at times.” When he and his wife were dating, he spoke to a marriage counselor “and I remember being like ‘Yo, I feel like I didn’t have any of these problems before I was in a relationship with a girl. He smiled real big at me and kind of laughed and he was like ‘They were always there.’” Tosh believes that God has used his marriage and fatherhood to make him a stronger and more faithful man.

Having kids made him especially realize that his life is not about himself and he has loved it. “To have the responsibility to literally raise the next generation up and to have a family is amazing.” From being a father himself, Tosh has learned about the unconditional love that God has for him. “There is nothing that my son could do that would make me love him less.”

Seeing his son make mistakes countless times after being taught what is write also makes Tosh think about his own relationship with God. “I’ve done the same exact thing to God in my relationship with Him. I have gone back to the same stuff over and over and over again and yet He’s still there. He still calls me His Son.”