Before writing The Good Life, Piper and Lee got to sit down at a conference and talk about writing. Piper was able to give some advice to Lee on ideas for speaking into the lives of the younger generation.

In addition to advising Lee on writing, Piper also wrote the foreword to Trip’s latest book. Lee mentioned that having him write that foreword gave him a mixture of feelings. He was excited because he is a Piper fan so he felt like, “Oh snap, I got the Piper foreword in my inbox.” But he was also grateful to have someone who was an older, wiser pastor speaking into it.

Lee has been influenced by different pastors over the years, which is ironic considering he is now both a pastor and a rapper.

In 2012, he became a pastoral assistant at Capitol Hill Baptist Church in Washington, D.C. In January of this year, Lee and his family moved down to Atlanta to be a part of a church plant.

“I think being a pastor makes you more well acquainted with the stuff people are going through,” he said. His position as a pastor has influenced his writing and his music.

When you’re a pastor, you’re kind of in the middle of the church. You see all of the mess that is going on. You get a better picture of the ways that God is working, but you also get a better picture of the ways you’re praying God will work.

Lee is label-mate of Lecrae, who has talked about writing a book before. They both have encouraged one another and are pushing the other to do well. Lee has another book coming out, potentially in the summer of this year.