Chicago based Hip Hop artist DeAndre Holmes A.K.A. Relentless is dropping his newest project Dre Vs. Relentless which sets the scene for something that every Christian deals with: The battle between flesh and Spirit. So listen close as we hear Dre (flesh) go toe to toe with Relentless (Spirit) in a 14 Round Match of tracks that you won’t soon forget.

Relentless comes out first with his anthem “Game Time” which shows us that his boast is in “Christ First” as this track points us heavenward to remind us of who we are as believers in Christ.

Relentless barely gets into the ring before we hear the beginning commentary from Skrilla and Nucklehead as we see that Dre is already waiting to drop battle bars like a one-two punch. “Battle One” showcases the reality of the struggle that Relentless faces daily against Dre.

We continue to watch this battle intensify as Chris Searcy jumps in the ring for “Unstoppable.” This encouragement leads us straight into “Head Nod” and “Flex On Em” which is 3 straight bangers in a row production wise that would leave any opponent on the mat for the 12 count. But we haven’t even gotten to “Battle 2” yet…

Dre comes out with some hard diss hittin on Relentless’s love for Christ…

Relentless picks back up in this fight with a focus of letting our words be clean like a “Lyrical Shower” which is representative of the fruit of the Spirit growing in our life. From here Relentless starts to change the fighting technique (and production) a bit to more of a chill flow. The fight doesn’t end here though. Relentless lets us know that no matter what happens in this life, he will “Never Stop.” Alexis Spight and Lady G join him on the next track as they bring a song of praise to God that “I’ll Trust You.”

As we come to “Battle 3” it is evident that Dre is not backing down, but Relentless is not finished yet. As we come to the end of this battle and move towards the end of the project, it would seem that the production has more of a chill vibe, but it is more of a focused and intense series of encouragement for the believer in the heat of battle. “Warrior Music” is that battle produced theme needed for those who are in daily battle scenerios who need reminders (sometimes momentarily) to stay in the battle and not compromise.

As warriors we begin to move with our marching orders know that we are “More Than” conquerors so we can “Rise Above It” because we have the “Favor” of the Lord. Rounding the end of the “Battle Outro” we hear from Skrilla and Nucklehead in a comical conclusion to this battle set.

This album is produced well from top to bottom, and most of the tracks have a unique feel rather than sounding the same. I look forward to future battles featuring Relentless.

Dre Vs. Relentless will be avalaible November 21 wherever digital music is sold or streamed.

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