Legendary hip-hop artist Redman has been bigging up the talents of Portland, Oregon-based producer Theory Hazit in interviews.

“That’s Oregon’s finest,” Redman said in an interview posted on DJ Klyph’s SoundCloud. “The beats he has been giving me been phenomenal. Actually the one that I’m using on the album (‘Mudface’), because he is going to be on this album and ‘Muddy Waters 2,’ so the one I use from this album I actually wrote the verse to his beat and I used that verse on the BET Cypher. It was from his beat. Big up to Theory Hazit. He had a birthday not too long ago, couple of days ago. Happy belated birthday to Theory Hazit. Portland support him if you see him out anywhere. He is definitely official. He is official tissue.” (Start At 36:48)


(Start At 33:40)

Theory Hazit has production credits on Redman’s forthcoming albums ‘Mudface’ and ‘Muddy Waters 2.’ The former Humble Beast Records emcee/producer is well-known in CHH for working with artists like Lecrae, Sho Baraka, Shai Linne, and Propaganda, among others.

Congrats to Theory Hazit for the dope opportunity to work with Redman!

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