Six decades ago, shortly BEFORE the end of WWII, European elites began preparations for “the dream.” The dream of a United States of Europe. The dream of a European Union. The dream of a final resurrection of the Holy Roman Empire (talk about dreaming big, LOL).

I wrote to you earlier in RED FLAG #23, that we were a step closer to the fulfillment of biblical prophesies concerning this end-time “beast.”  And here we are about 2 weeks later, acknowledging another giant step which is taking us another step closer.

This is how:

Throughout the history of Europe, the two safeguards against German aggression have been predominately England and France. Since the sun is finally setting upon Great Britain, let’s talk about France. In the past decade or so, the Franco-German alliance was suppose to keep Germany “in check”. With Germany being the economic power, France’s political position was suppose to keep German might “in check”.

The purposefully engineered Wall St. crash of 2008 greatly affected the economy of Europe. This gave Germany the opportunity to use its financial might to dictate political policy.

Fast-forward to May 2012, French President Nicholas Sarkozy has just been ousted by his Socialist counterpart. Simaltaneously, German Chancellor Angela Merkel is moving to form a political alliance with Italian Prime Minister Mario Monti. I’ll show you what it all means in a minute!!

Now let’s connect the dots on the newly formed Berlin-Rome Axis. Firstly, this new Axis is merely the realization of “the dream” and restoration of an old WWII alliance (Remember the Berlin-Rome Axis of 1939?…..I know you don’t so think Hitler and Mussolini).

So the Berlin-Rome 2012 Axis looks like this:

–EU ruled politically from Berlin
–EU ruled financially from European Central Bank (ECB) in Frankfurt, the bank is headed by Mario Draghi, a Jesuit trained puppet of the Vatican.
–Italian Prime Minister in Rome is Mario Monti, another Jesuit trained puppet of the Vatican.
–If the “Mario Brothers” are puppets of The Vatican, then they obviously are controlled by the German Pope Benedict XVI to do his bidding.
–Couple this with the newly formed “Berlin Group”, a 10 nation conglomerate that now meets regularly with Germany and has strong recommendations for the EU to adopt a new office or “SUPER-PRESIDENT” to be supreme over all EU presidents, prime ministers and institutions.

This Berlin-Rome Axis, together with a near-future political dictator, along side a religious false prophet (Pope) is what Revelation Chapter 13 is warning us about. Europe will unify economically & politically with the glue of religion (Catholicism).

When this happens, Europe will launch a Final Crusade against Islam. And the Pope will declare all Christians in America and the rest of the Western Hemisphere to be heretics and apostates. We will be admonished to renounce the error of our ways, and seek forgiveness by returning to the true (Catholic) church of God. Now understand, there aint no protesting with signs downtown talking about, “How could they do this?”. When this goes down, whoever won’t conform shall be tortured, imprisoned or killed. This will all happen “BEFORE” the rapture, so you need to consider this now!

Now is the time to seek GOD with all our heart! Allow The Lord Jesus Christ to have His way in your life today. The people who know their GOD shall do great exploits during these troubled times. In the end, Good shall overcome Evil, and Light shall triumph over the dark.

Watch and Pray!!!!!

Twitter: @CoreyRed