Endgame… it’s the final stage in a game of Chess. It’s the part of the game where everyone watching understands the outcome is about to be decided. The game is about to end! The year 2012 isn’t about the world “ending.”

  • It’s about the world “transitioning” from one global social order into a new one(from democracy to technocracy)
  • It’s about “transitioning” from one superpower to another(from United States of America to United States of Europe aka The Holy Roman Empire)
  • It’s about “transitioning” from capitalism to neo-feudalism, from parliaments and congresses to bureaucratic landlords and overseers, from money as we know it to carbon/energy units(from “GO GREEN!!!” to “NO GREEN!!!”)
  • It’s about “transitioning” from innumerable christian denominations to one global, universal, Roman Catholic Church and the killing, hunting, imprisonment and torture of “heretics.”
  • It’s about “transitioning” from the world watching Iran taunt America, to beholding the Holy Roman Empire destroy Iran as Catholicism launches its final crusade against Islam(unlike America, Germany makes weapons with the intentions of actually using them)
  • It’s about the “transitioning” of sovereign nations on the same continent, as they merge into fiscal, political, militaristic and cultural blocs.
  • It’s about a world where few people care “transitioning” into fewer people who could care less—UNTIL ALL THESE THINGS HAPPEN!!!

“…but the people that do know their God shall be strong, and do exploits.” ~ Daniel 11:32

Seek God and allow “HIS” plans for your life, for such a time as this, to manifest and guide your life. Then shall ye have peace in the midst of the storm!!!!