Sudan, an east African country that has been in and out of civil war for decades, like most nations in this part of the world, is a mere piece in a global game of chess. However, even geopolitical prognosticators fail to understand where recent events in this battle-scared land are destine to lead.

Last July, the Southern predominately Christian part of the nation declared it’s independence from the Islamic North. This move has given Southern Sudan control over 75% of the country’s oil supply. Though operations are based in the South, the majority of the pipeline runs through the North before reaching the Red Sea. This has not only caused tensions to arise, but the pipeline is currently shutdown. China who owns a 40% stake in the pipeline can’t be to happy about that. Japan is toying with the idea of building another pipeline through Kenya into the Port of Lamu, yet, nothing official at this time.

I could explain it the hard way and try to impress you with my knowledge and understanding of world politics but I won’t. I’ll try and make this as simplistic as I can. Please bear with me and I’ll bring it home in a few!!!!

Remember a few years ago, every day & night the media kept selling the story about pirates from Somalia taking over ships? You remember, thugs armed with pistols and rifles were taking ships and America and Europe was “helpless” to do anything about it. LOL!!!

Well that was “allowed” to give the EU an excuse to launch “OPERATION ATLANTA” in December 2008. OPERATION ATLANTA which has been expanded into 2014, is a joint military effort of France, Italy, Spain, The Netherlands and U.K headed by Germany, to secure the waters in and around Somalia. The U.S, NATO, Japan, India, Russia and China throw their “2 cents” in too. 

Fastfoward moving into 2011, the EU led by Germany has presence in Uzbekistan, Afghanistan, Horn of Africa including Somalia, Ethiopia, Sudan and the coast of Lebanon. When you look at the map, this leaves Iran surrounded by an alliance of Europe and their enemy Saudi Arabia. 

Iran’s response, the “Arab Spring” of 2011, they started revolutions in countries like Egypt and other North African countries. As well as countries ncxt to Saudi Arabia like Yemen and Bahrain. 

(This all sounds confusing because you don’t understand the geography of these countries, but it makes sense when looking at a map)

What does this have to do with Sudan?

In response to the “Arab Spring”, Germany and The Vatican via the Catholic Church in Southern Sudan, influenced the vote and eventual succession of the Christian South from the Islamic North. Why?

They knew that this would lead to Northern President/Dictator Omar al-Bashir’s open persecution and extermination of the country’s Christian population. As this article is being written there are air-stikes targeting churches taking place. Christians are being tortured and killed. Why would the Vatican and German elite take pleasure in the slaughter of “fellow” Christians in places like Sudan, Egypt, Lybia and nations throughout the Arab world?

To build world consent so it appears justified when they attack Iran and launch a “FINAL CRUSADE” against radical Islam as prophesied in Daniel 11:40. With the ultimate goal of capturing Jerusalem!!!! (Danial 11:45). 

This is how Sudan is being used as a mere pawn in a wicked game of chess!!!

Truth is usually the first casualty of war!!!!


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