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Artist: Ready And Willing (R.A.W.)
Featured: C-Straight, And Mr. Charl-e-magne
Production: R.A.W.
Album: Truth Music Vol.!
Purchase: I Tunes, C.D.Baby.com
Release Date: April 2008
Label: Miraculous Music Prod.LLC
Hometown: Jacksonville (Duval) Florida
Bio/Notes: Ready & Willing is not a in the game for the fame type artist. He is passionate about his musical talents and has a desire to use them to bring a positive message to the streets. R.A.W, birth name Maurice Hall, is very familiar with the streets. He has lived in some of the roughest neighborhoods in Jacksonville, FL and it wasn’t easy staying on the right path being surrounded by so much temptation. He was drinking alcohol and smoking marijuana at a very young age. Hanging out with the wrong crowd with no positive role model in his life, Hall dropped out of school, sold drugs and did other things that go against the laws of both God and man. Eventually living this lifestyle caught up with him, he was arrested and spent time in jail. Spending time in jail allowed Maurice time to think about his life and the bad decisions that he was making. After being released from jail Maurice continued to experience difficulties and realized he had to make a change. He went back to school to obtain his diploma and decided to give up the thug life. He accepted Christ as his Lord and Savior and began studying Gods word. Now Hall wants to help others get free from the trap of the streets through his positive rap lyrics that tell of his past struggles and the goodness that he now experiences walking in the light of Christ. Ready & Willing is a writer, producer and engineer. He handled the production of his latest project entitled “Truth Music Volume 1” from start to finish. He plans to continue producing albums for himself on his record label Miraculous Music LLC and add artists to the roster that have the same vision as he does.