Why you should read “Unashamed” by Lecrae

[dropcap]I[dropcap] just finished reading Lecrae’s autobiography Unashamed and really liked it. I want to share with you why I recommend you to read it.

Lecrae has a great story with lots of ups and downs

Lecrae’s life has had a lot of ups and downs, before and after he became a Christian. He wasn’t a Christian growing up, and wasn’t perfect after he became one. As described in his book, when he was a kid he has the influence of his grandmother who would go to church all the time and had him baptized, and had the influence of his cousins and uncles who were involved in gangs. He had a hard childhood. He was molested by a babysitter and abused by his stepfather, and wanted to seek anything but Christianity for the truth as a teenager. After he became a Christian when he was in college, he became overly self righteous and pushed people away from the faith before falling away from it himself. He got sucked into his old habits of sex, drugs, and alcohol, and had a breaking point when he went to a rehabilitation program.

His story is relatable

Lecrae makes his life seem relatable to almost anyone. He isn’t a perfect person, never has been, and never will be, but he has become a follower of Christ with its many ups and downs. Lecrae talks about how he has always felt like an outsider, that he has never really fit in anywhere; a universally relatable topic. He didn’t fit in at church or in the gangs when he was a kid, he didn’t fit in with his peers in school or at college, and because he is a Christian he doesn’t fit into the music industry currently.

You will gain a greater understanding of his thought process

Whether you love or hate the way Lecrae’s music has changed since he has begun, he explains in depth how his life has changed and how that has effected his thought process and hence his music. He doesn’t regret any of the music he has made in the past, but has reasons that he has changed how he shares his message and what he wants to tell the world through his music. You’re going to have to read Unashamed to find out, but know that he is not compromising his faith in the way he makes his music now.

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