An unashamed believer is not defined by the t-shirt they wear, the job they work, or the country they live in. Instead, being unashamed means more about their character and the posture of their heart. Through an identity found in Christ, The 116 Life is marked by living out who God created them to be, using their gifts, talents, abilities, and passions all for the glory of God. No matter the occupation, these individuals are unashamed of admitting that they are a work in progress, they don’t have it all together, and they need God. They work hard to be excellent wherever God has them and unashamedly point to God while doing it. – Reach Records

Grammy award-winning label Reach Records is going to feature stories about people living life as unashamed believers in Christ on their website. You have a chance to get your story featured.

Check out the official Reach Records site for more information.

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