From Humble Beast…

To our family, friends & supporters we proudly present Propaganda’s new album “Crooked”.  From the beginning we have been committed to radical generosity, which means that all our music is freely given.

You can download “Crooked” now as our gift to you, and please share it with others.

Upon listening, you will notice that “Crooked” has a darker tone/theme than many of our previous releases.  This was an artistically intentional decision in order to authentically capture the emotions & experiences conveyed in the content.  “Crooked” is a record that wades in the deep end of human failure, disappointment & brokenness.  Rather than rushing to a conclusion, the listener is forced to sit with some of the uncomfortable content for the purpose of cultivating empathy & understanding.  Though this record is dark, hope is not lost as the last song “Made Straight” points to God’s redemptive promises in Christ & longs for their fulfillment.

We recently hosted a Facebook live event where Propaganda & Braille discussed the making of “Crooked”.  Hear Propaganda’s intent behind creating some of the key songs on the album.