Princeton – This Is Hip Hop [Official Music Video]

Edited by: Dillon Chase

Beat sampled from Lana Del Rey’s song “Video Games”

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Hip hop
(Verse 1)
Gimme that snare that boom bap wreck it on a record I’ma rep Him I’ma do that/
gimme them 808’s and we invade the space and rock the place where your crews at/
gimme that live drummer they be hitting them things like bang bang/
you can feel it in your spirit and your mainframe, and gimme a Dj doing the same thing same thing/
1,2 ha mic check give me them mc’s that’s right when they spit/
gotta tight grip on the mic rip everybody flip/
spitting what they’re given yea we eating everybody trip/
yea, it is a culture, its gotta be more than music/
and it was created by God the Creator so I just choose to use it, word up/

(Verse 2)
Lemme eat, I got a full course on a plate it’s the beat/
I’m sittin at the table with the One Who is able/
and I’m telling hip hop gon head take a seat/
what it do what up to DJ kool/
all the other djs who help to/
kill it at the block parties clubs in the Bronx/
no games just pains and getting put in a box/
Melli Mel, Kool Moe D, Rakeim and them dope MC’s/
doing it prominent and makin it dominate/
through the struggle they rebuttal the trouble not givin in/
crazy legs, graffiti/
tryna help the needy/
I pay respects to my roots because they paved a way that’s gritty word up/

(Verse 3)
I ain’t spitting bout some Lambos no Rose Royce or White Ghost/
I spit bout that White Throne and that baby who needa voice/
that kid with no silver spoon who’s wondering why life messed up/
I give hope to the poor and love that restores, for folks who been touched/
as a child, I use hip hop to empower enrich and encourage/
tellin cats who my God is, with love I wanna serve em/
I’m on it, so hearts can turn and not stay lost/
and see God’s love who brings beauty out of chaos/