Hip-hop was meant to communicate a perspective. It was meant to shine light on certain issues within the community and within the world. With DRUMS AND SIXTEENS, Princeton talks about some of those things and impute God’s truth and love that can change folks forever.

Video by Cameron Rhodes
Drums by Derek Winkley

21 years of my life in the same apartment
We were low on cash somehow still shoppin’
In that toy department, when things were poppin
I would go hand to hand 12 o’clock and knock em drop em
I never knew what my pop meant, when spoke of the corporate
Industry for a black man I have to be in disguise
I’m the black clark kent
And it’s funny, they assuming that I am a ruined
black man who wants to get blunted, blunted
On boos like I got the ruger and shootin people for hundreds
But dawg this change is dire
I may look the same but He took me higher
Soul singing loud you would think its a choir
He saved me like a baby I pacifier (passed the fire)
No 9’s I aint never carried clip or the pump
But my life was suicide cause’ I was dead from the jump
But I’m alive now and it’s a process, taking Jesus to these projects

I’m not a prophet but I’ll profit if a dude repent and confess the Lord

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