London rapper Presha J was raised in a Christian home, but says he was not on a good path growing up. He thought church was boring and did not pay attention as a youth.

“I used to even sleep when I was in church, embarrassing my mom.”

He says that he wanted a name for himself as a kid and when he was ages seven to ten he was picked on by his peers but he listened to his parents and kept calm, not fighting back. When he was ten years old he got into a fight with the person who was bullying him and “I think everything changed in terms of the people respecting me and I thought to myself, ‘I have to live to that name now’ and I thinks that where it turned mad from.”

He surrounded himself with a bad group of people, thinking he was a top guy. In 2007, there were people from a certain area who came into his area.

“We ran them out and they came back with a couple more guys after us, because it was only two that came before, and I knew that they were going to come back but I continued to stay with my friends.”