Tetelestai. You’re probably wondering what this word means, tetelestai (τετέλεσται) is the one word that ended deaths sting and allowed our lives in Christ to begin. The words spoken in John 19:30: “IT IS FINISHED.” That was the word pastor Louie Giglio opened up the conference with. But before he could even begin his preaching, the entire conference opened up with an interactive response to some questions asked. The questions asked were pretty personal, I thought, but I realized that these questions were breaking the ice and allowing us to become closer. The questions asked that night gave me reassurance and comfort to know that I wasn’t the only one struggling with depression, self-worth, faith, trust, and many more things other struggle with who are in the faith. It made you feel comforted and that uneasy feeling of “Who are these 20,000 people in this stadium? I don’t even know them” went away as fast as it came in. As soon as the stadium lifted their cell phone lights to answer the questions, you felt united with them. Just to know you weren’t alone.

The first night consisted of amazing worship sessions with the likes of Chris Tomlin and many more. Then came the amazing word pastor and founder of Passion, Louie Giglio, prepared for us. He spoke a word that many of us know to this day but never let it truly sink in; that when Jesus said, “It Is Finished,” he truly meant it is finished. That death lost its sting, that we are heirs to the kingdom of heaven, and that neither death nor sin have the power it had. After that liberating word, we broke into these breakout sessions called “Community Groups.” These community groups were divided into color and number groups and consisted of many different believers from all of the US and six different countries. They were interactive groups that allowed us to take off the masks us as Christians often have to hide our hurts and our short comings and just be open and honest with one another and know that these random brothers and sisters in your group could relate and help one another out. The group that you were with was the group you had for the rest of the conference. So, to say the least, we got pretty close and open with each other pretty fast.

The second day was probably the best out of the three; it came with very amazing words from the likes of John Piper, Judah Smith, Lecrae, and a very convicting word from Christine Caine. These speakers truly allowed the Holy Spirit to move and direct their teachings for the day. But the one that struck me the most was Christine Caine’s word; she came with a powerful word about being laborers for Christ. Being workers and not co-stars for Jesus, she spoke about uplifting a generation of laborers for Christ to go out and spread the gospel by the way we live and bear fruit and by the way we show love to others. As much as I type this, I truly, even in the slightest bit, cannot describe the overwhelming feeling of God’s presence in that building and just how everyone worshipped in one spirit and united throughout the conference. My words cannot amount to the amazing time I had in that building and the liberation and comfort I felt through other believers. I highly suggest you go next year, whether is be by yourself, with your significant other, your church, or your youth group. It doesn’t matter if you want to be edified and uplifted; Passion is the place to be.