This song is so me! I wrote this song about myself! When God made me, He made me TOTALLY different from a lot of people. You have people that fit in, people that fake fitting in so well that you think they are fitting in, and the ones that just can’t fit in no matter how hard they try. Growing up, I was the kid that couldn’t fit it for nothing. Every time I tried to fit in, it just didn’t work. I either made a mess or a fool out of myself. Even as an adult in church, I just couldn’t fit in with the “normal” African-American church folks. I found out through trial and error that I just gotta be me. I had to embrace how different God made me from a lot of church folk and people around the environments God has placed me in. Even if that means appearing like “I’ma Nerd.”

Album: Intergalactic Takeover
Twitter: @pac270
Instagram: pac_tha_innovator 

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Born and raised in Madisonville, D’Angelo Scisney was exposed to music at a young age by his father Neal Scisney who was a drummer. Pac was your typical “fat kid” growing up. He was heavily picked on in grade school and in middle school. When he got to high school he was associated with the Gangsta Disciples.

By the age of 16, Pac had given himself to God, though it was difficult being a Christian the remaining time in high school. However, despite all his past failures and mistakes, he continued to stand tall and bold for Jesus Christ.

Pac describes his music as being different from the rest of the music out there. Besides rapping about things from a Christian point-of-view, Pac also addresses real life trials and tribulations while remaining truthful and transparent.

Pac also describes his music as both animated and challenging at times. But despite being a boxer with punch lines, he loosely relies on them to get his point across in his music. Pac is also a producer and drummer and keeps his mind open to all the different types and new music.