Here at Jam the Hype we’ve stopped at nothing to bring you the best in Christian hip hop content all across the globe. As we’ve built an audience, we’ve heard the incredible testimonies of the people that we’ve reached: like the father who had two high-school sons and Jam the Hype radio app brought them together as they listened in their car and discovered artists like Bizzle and Swoope; or the ex-cons who came out of prison and let us know that the way they got encouraged in Christ was to listen to Christian hip hop on Jam the Hype. We’ve had other countless testimonies as well. As we’ve grown and put services in place, we’ve kept them all free so you can share them with friends and enjoy them yourself.

Like all the other CHH outlets, we stay afloat through ad sales. Last year we also tried to do a fundraising drive, but it’s clear there’s much more development work to do. We’ve also explored relationships with traditional broadcast outlets but they are not ready yet for the vision that CHH brings to the music marketplace. So on our journey, it became clear that we need to continue to do fundraising to make our ends meet. So we are transferring to a non-profit business model so we can continue for years to come. In this transition, Chris Chicago has decided to move on and join another media outlet with his syndicated show. However, all of the services that Jam the Hype provides you today: a great website, social media, youtube, live streaming of events, our app and radio stream, will continue.  Also, our team remains in place with Paul Martinez (lead writer), Mike Laxton (contributor), Joshua Sandefur (social media), Je’kob (graphic design), and myself to run the day to day operations of the site. We will also be doing new things like reaching across many “team” lines to unify and build the sameteam attitude that we all desire in CHH. So stay tuned, much is in store, and we will have more partnerships to announce in weeks and months to come.  Meanwhile, stay tuned in. We are still here and are committed to keeping you “in the know” for all that is Christian urban culture.

If you have any questions, we are happy to field them here in the comments below. And let us know how we can serve you better, and deliver content that allows you to share the Gospel more effectively.

In Christ,

Derek Hoiem