2018 is halfway through, and Christian Hip-Hop artists have blessed their listeners with a lot of great albums and EPs. See what projects the Jam The Hype team has enjoyed the most.

Diego’s Choice: The Second City, Part 1 by Steven Malcolm

Steven Malcolm reveals his versatility in this album. Each song is a banger! Steven has a gift where he can deliver difficult, tragic, and hopeful lyrics in a catchy way. In the background he has been intentionally working on his voice (singing) and on “Rodeo” he displays it.

He gives the listener hip-hop, pop, R&B, reggae, and soul, all in one album. This can generally be a train wreck but he does it masterfully! He does so by bringing top notch beat production, substance in lyrics, style and the truth of Jesus.

Derek’s Choice: “I Got Now” by BrvndonP

BrvndonP dropped his single “I’ve Got Now” back in January. Although it’s not a full album, the single follows last year’s collab album with Mission, Barely Finished, and his 2016 self-titled deubut. They were totally underappreciated albums that show a depth and breadth of producing and artistic talent unlike anything in the industry.

BrvndonP is a master and goes to show that popularity isn’t the best indicator of artistic excellence or effectiveness in ministry or commitment to the genre. He has everything, and the world needs to wake up.

Paul’s Choice: I: The Arrow by Andy Mineo

In April, Andy Mineo dropped his I: The Arrow EP. Through this project, Mineo displayed growth as a human and a creative. The EP is arguably his best work in regard to content and musicality. He addresses the anxiety and depression that has appeared in his life over the last few years. Anxiety and depression, two topics that many know too well.

Andy Mineo provides the ultimate solution to life’s issues. The answer is God. In addition, he details the importance of community. Even Justin Bieber was rocking to the non-conformist sounds of I: The Arrow EP. Make sure you add this real collection of tracks to your music library.

DJ Will’s Choice: Let the Trap Say Amen by Lecrae and Zaytoven

I come from the trap. This is what the streets have been needing. I understand why Crae changed up the way he used to record. There is pretty much no diversity on this album, CCM, POP or worship! It is a STR8 Street-infused album that any dope boy or trapper from the streets can vibe to. I am familiar with Zay’s Music and he keeps it classic to his style. The lyrics are so on point and it compliments Zay’s style!

This album may not be for everyone because it may be TOO HARD, GHETTO or worse (HOOD)! But it is what the streets need now to compete with the likes of Migos, Future, Fucci Mane, Rick Ross plus more.

Fouad’s Choice: Hands Are Made For Working by Guvna B

I’ve been a fan of Guvna B since I first got into Christian Hip-Hop in summer 2012. Before Hands Are Made For Working, he hadn’t released a project since 2015. It was worth the wait. The album is one of the most, intimate, personal albums I have ever heard. It is inspired by a time of grieving and depression.

It starts with “Carry On,” a song that Guvna B wrote about how his father died. Though Hands Are Made For Working talks about challenging times, it leaves the listener with plenty of encouragement.

Joshua’s Choice: God Still Has Soliders 2 by YB

There have been so many great singles that have dropped since the conception of 2018, so it’s really difficult to pick an actual project, especially when there are so many projects on the horizon. One that continues to hit my play button is YB‘s God Still Has Soldiers 2.

This joint is lit from the jump, and with a name like “Fire Emoji” you would expect no less. Don’t worry though, it leaves you chill cause you no your “Purpose.” Be sure to stream & purchase this new album, then be sure to catch YB on tour if you can. You will not be disappointed.

In Conclusion…

To celebrate all this great music, we have put together a Spotify playlist “Summer Jams.” Enjoy!