South Florida-based emcee, Oscar Urbina, has announced that he is releasing a new mixtape titled ‘Molly Pitcher’ on July 12, 2016. ‘Molly Pitcher’ is the first of a two-part project series, which takes you deep into Urbina’s mind, heart, and soul.

Read some background on the forthcoming project below.

As Oscar Urbina was studying for his Florida State exam for Social Science, he came across the story of a woman named “Mary Ludwig.” Some to this day wonder if she was a real historical figure or just a folk tale. Her story takes place during the American Revolution, during the battle of “Monmouth.” During the battle the weather conditions were extreme, soldiers fought in the battlefield while it was brutally hot causing heat exhaustion. Mary took the initiative to bring pitchers of water from a spring for the soldiers so they can hydrate in the middle of the fight. She was deemed a hero for such a small act, bringing water! And that’s when it hit Oscar Urbina, to be a hero you don’t need to do the epic heroic acts that you see in the movies by your favorite Marvel or DC superheroes, but to be a hero you need to do the little things in life that leave an impacting memory in others, and in this project series Oscar Urbina hopes to do this with his transparency. So for her small heroic acts, “Mary Ludwig” was given a nickname that will now embody the heart and name of Oscar Urbina’s project series…..”Molly Pitcher.”

Over the last two years, Urbina has collaborated with noteworthy hip-hop artists like Social Club, Gemstones, and Serge, among others. On May 24, 2016, Serge released a visual for “Past The Clouds,” which was well-received and featured Oscar.

Cover art, tracklist, and visuals for ‘Molly Pitcher’ are coming soon.

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