Artist: Only 1 Way
Production: Kevin Nathaniel for EarDrumZ MuZiC
Release Date:
Label: Tate Music Group/Prince of Peace Productions
Hometown: Detroit, MI
Bio/Notes: In August 2004, a group of young men ministered together for the first time at a youth service at their home church Hope Evangelical Ministries through form of rap. After being well recieved by the congregation a prophecy went fourth through Dr. Kevin L. Young, who went on to say that these young men were “called to the youth”, and that they would draw the young people closer to Christ through form of a singing/rap group called “Only 1 Way”. He continues to help train, mold, develop, and mentor these young men into a rock solid group, guided and influenced totally by the Holy Spirit. As a result these three awesome men of God has a message to deliver to both the young and the seasoned saints with a unique style and sound that is beyond category!