Artist: One9
Production: Phat Beatz
Release Date:
Hometown: Pomona,CA
Bio/Notes: Daivd ”One9” Stepney was born October  1, 1983 in Pomona Ca. He grew up playing sports, till he graduated from high school, then he started working to support himself. He thought life was about the American dream. Never was Christ on his mind until the age of 25. He was playing poker for a living, smoking weed heavy daily, and fornicating with women. When his godfather put the word in his hand and told him to read a bit of proverbs, there was no looking back to the world from that day. Jesus came in and changed his life all around. Now he no longer makes music for the enemy, but ministers through  music for the Almighty God of Heaven. He attends Calvary Chapel Chino Hills. One9 is living for the Lord and seeking His will daily.