Subject: Mental Health

Note: G’day Fellas.I’m a 17 year old male and recently one of my close mates has been diagnosed with schizophrenia and was previously diagnosed as Bipolar. He has been put on some pretty serious medication that has made him unable to put it all together, and often leaves him not quite there. I pray for him daily and it hurts me to see him continue to deteriorate and not seem as though he’s getting any better. He spends most of his time in hospital and I can’t really see that changing any time soon. He doesn’t have many close friends and i know a lot of Christians my age who don’t seem to care or aren’t moved in anyway to help him recover. I don’t understand how after so many years of him being ‘friends’ with them, they can just forget him. I just needed to get this off my chest and tell someone. I know i haven’t actually asked a question but I’d really love to hear how as Christians we are called to help those with different types of mental health problems and how far we should go?I really appreciate this segment and want to offer you thanks all the way from Australia. You guys are doing some amazing things in Hip-Hop.

Subject: Mental Health Response

Note: Hey Guys.How’s it going? So maybe a month ago or something I sent in the Mental Health Noteworthy. Well i thought I’d let you know whats been going on. So after your podcast my Mate didn’t get any better at all, but just recently the most amazing thing has happened. He was released from Hospital maybe two weeks ago and he came back to the Youth Group we i go to. Well in simple terms he looked awesome, he had no trouble of staying ‘with it’ and was cracking jokes like he used to. From then on praise God he has been getting a lot better. I just want to say a real big thank you. Like seriously you’re support and pray in this time of difficulty is awesome and just Thanks so much. So yeah keep it tight hey. You guys are really doing an inspirational work here. Keep it up fellas.
Cheers from Australia.

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