If Nintendo ever comes out with a Game Boy that looks like this, we’ll be first in line to get one.

The Game Boy 1up looks somewhat of a hybrid between the original Game Boy and a Wii controller. German based graphic designer Florian Renner put this piece together and it’s possibly one of the coolest concepts we’ve seen in a hot minute.

Renner payed homage to the classic Game Boy design with his version. The rotational D-pad and additional L and R trigger buttons make for a more interesting and possibly better gaming experience.

While Nintendo has done a lot with their designs, we’ll definitely love to see them adopt this concept. It will be a mix of nostalgia and a breath of fresh air.

Check out the photos below and let me know your thoughts.




Game Boy 1up by Florian Renner

Design concept of a handheld console as a homage to the original Game Boy of 1989.The project target was to keep the catchy elements of the original and adapt them to the functions and requirements of current games.

via How2BeCool