“Nico Wells is Nicholas Shumpert; that’s my government name. Nico Wells is a hip-hop artist. I make music to glorify the Lord, to make the Lord famous.”

Nico Wells is a hip-hop artist from St. Louis, Missouri who you may know from his appearances on Clear Sight Music’s Jesus or Nothing album in April 2014. He was writing for Jesus or Nothing before he released his debut album No Eyes Allowed. “That opportunity was just nuts to me. I was like ‘what, you know not many people have opportunities like this; it came fast.’”

He is working on a second solo project, the first being No Eyes Allowed, which released in January 2014. “[It was] basically a testament of walking on faith, so most of the songs were about faith, giving God one hundred percent, that takes a lot.” He wants to collaborate with his fellow hip-hop artist friends in St. Louis such as Flame, Mike Real, Thi’sl, and Json.

“This next project I really want to demolish No Eyes Allowed, but at the same time I just want it to be a really good project.”

He is pursuing a passion outside of music; the dream to have his own restaurant.