Tony Tillman is working on a new album that is set to release on Derek Minor’s Reflection Music Group. He believes that his forthcoming project will be the music that he should have been doing in the past. Tillman is aiming to take things out of the box.

“It’s definitely very introspective,” Tony Tillman said in an interview with JTH. “It’s me. It’s my story. It’s my life. It’s out of the box I would say. I hate saying the Christian box because it’s very Christian. Out of the box in the perspective of for years doing music I felt like I was kind of taught that doing Christian rap, you should do it a certain way. So, when I say out of the box, out of that teaching. I took it out of that box and I’m doing it the way that I should have done it.”

The RMG-rapper has been working hard in the studio.

“Right now, I have 10 ready to go songs. I know these are going to make it, and I recorded way more than 10.”

Former Reach Records-emcee Derek Minor also has a big role in Tony Tillman’s new album.

Yea, he is A&Ring the record. That’s a good dude to have on your squad.

Tony Tillman revealed that one of the songs on his upcoming album is titled “No Lie.” Tillman wants people to get to know him as a person.

“It’s me saying ‘Hey, this is where I come from.’ I feel like over the years people hadn’t got to know who I am as a person. I think people kind of have this perception of who I am based on the music that they’ve heard from me, but I feel like it was time for me to kind of put music out there that expresses who I am as a person.”

The Mic Check-lyricist talked to Chris Chicago about his past gang activity and how Christ delivered him from it.

“I was 12 years old. I had an older uncle who was about three years older than me, and I didn’t know anything about gangs, but he always let me hang with him and his homeboys. Then they did this documentary called [Gang War: Bangin’ In Little Rock.] When they did that documentary, instead of making me run from gangs, it actually put me on. I started seeing elements of the movie that said ‘Oh wow, my uncle does that. Oh, he says that. Oh, all his friends do that.’ For me it was like ‘How do I be down with that?'”

Watch the full interview to hear Tony Tillman’s testimony. 

Tony Tillman released his billboard-charting project, The Tillman EP, in 2013. The Tillman EP features Sho Baraka, Tedashii, and Beckah Shae, among others.

Are you ready for a new Tony Tillman project?!

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