A lot of artists released singles or projects this week. Read to see who released what.

WHATUPRG – Pleasant Hill

indie tribe member and newest Reach Records artist WHATUPRG released a seven-song EP called Pleasant Hill. You can get it here.

Tedashii – “Gotta Live” featuring Jordan Feliz

Tedashii collaborated with singer Jordan Feliz on an uplifting summer-feel track called “Gotta Live.” You can get it here.

Steven Malcolm – “Fuego” featuring Anderson Michael

4 Against 5 artist Steven Malcolm released a single, “Fuego,” featuring Anderson Michael. Listen on Spotify.

Dru Bex – In God’s Good Time

Toronto based Role Model Records’ artist Dru Bex released an album, In God’s Good Time. Get it here.

Dee Black – Flight Club

Dee Black released an album, Flight Club. It features Mission, Eshon Burgundy, and Jered Sanders, among others. You can get it on iTunes or listen on Spotify.

Tragic Hero & Weathrman – “Flowers”

Tragic Hero and Weathrman collaborated again for a single devoted to the ladies called “Flowers.” Get it here.

Kevmo – “Times Will Change” featuring Joey Vantes

Kevmo collaborated with Joey Vantes on a new single, “Times Will Change.” Listen on Spotify.

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