South Florida-based emcee, Nak Daniels, recently dropped this music video for his dope single titled “Bishop Leroy.” Daniels’ latest track was produced by¬†Bradley Davis. The turn up is real.

The Bishop Leroy-crafter released his self-titled EP in June of 2015.

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The concept of “Bishop Leroy” is inspired by Tupac Shakur’s character, “Bishop” from the movie ‘Juice.’ As well as Taimak’s character, “Bruce Leroy” from the movie ‘The Last Dragon.’ Combining the two, you get Bishop Leroy. An aggressive yet humble master ready to conquer and shine bright in times of darkness. “Bishop Leroy” is a definite heavy hitter; not to mention Nak’s flow is impeccable and his lyrics are effortless. This is Nak Daniels’ first single in 2016, which is proving to be a memorable year for the unsigned artist.

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