Mystery Known teams up with Pac Tha Innovator to drop his latest single “Louder”


Verse 1: I can rap about poppin gats countin stacks rap about drugs that sometimes come in silver packs you can call em silver backs/ guerrillas/ but it’s too many studio killas that be speakin them lies that will fill ya head with them dope boy dreams but them dope boy dreams/ have you gassed up like kerosene/ heavy medicated on lean slow the motion promethazine but I rather spit gasoline and spark a fire/ revival goin higher/ and encourage the nation because Jesus is waiting on us to hush that fuss and move to the back of the bus/ and let Him take the wheel and drive/ everybody’s got a seat so let’s ride/ everybody’s welcome no need to hide/ that’s right/ we turn the bass up and treble/ turn the praise up new level/ keep it movin we’re rebels/ peculiar people not devils yeah/ who have a passion for the Christ/ have a passion for our lives/ Jesus hung bled and died for that right/ He hung bled and died so think twice/ don’t throw away your life there’s no price/ it’s priceless/ don’t dismiss/ but stay lit and turn up.

Hook: Gone turn it up 4x’s turn it up 4x’s
Turn the music up Louder Crank Crank it up 4x’s

Verse 2: Gone turn the music up/ let the beat bang/ let the world hear ya/ let’s proclaim the name, above every name/ about fortune and fame/ above the sick in lame/ above sin and our shame/ Jesus/ the one who is crackin the sky/ when He comes back we will no longer die but chill in a mansion that’s up in the sky/ but chill in a mansion that’s up in the sky/ believin the promises that are on high/ believin the word so will always survive take stride/ yeah/ they can kill our body’s but never our soul / never fear man cause God is in control/ no matter the struggle we’re reachin our goals fo sho/ yeah/ they can’t stop our light from shinning bright no matter the day not matter the night my brothers and sisters will always unite take flight/ yeah/ they call us freedom fighters but we’re not tryin to overthrow but overgrow the love we know and the love we know is vertical and that’s the love we show/ no more lip service/ but Hallelujah with my life attached on purpose/ Hallelujah.

Hook: Gone turn it up 4x’s turn it up 4x’s
Turn the music up Louder Crank Crank it up 4x’s

Verse 3: Yeah/ I gotta give Him all of me/ Pac is in the building like a German roach/ I can get louder and louder and you can test it/ I carry my cross like followers of Authur Blessitt/ so loud I can make the masses hysteria/ Freak em out like contagious outbreaks of malaria/ I’m cooking like a chef with these heat bars that cooks/ being loud can open up a window/ like MacBooks.

Outro Hook: We stay lit and turned up 8x’s

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