NASHVILLE, TN (April 24, 2012) – Digital Frontiers Media (DFM) and Shamrock Media Group are proud to release or QPlay, the newest music-servicing site for radio.  QPlay will immediately only focus on Christian hip-hop, a growing genre many outlets have overlooked for music servicing.  Phase 1 of this site released today to create a simple but efficient atmosphere for radio to find music, stream singles, get artist artwork, lyrics, bios, promoter info, and download the high-quality MP3 or WAV.

“I am very excited about this partnership with my former company, Shamrock Media and their team of extremely talented promoters.  With our development expertise at DFM and their radio client list and marketing abilities, we know this will be a big hit,” says Chris Laney, Marketing Director for DFM.  “Currently, Shamrock Media is the only CCM radio promotion company with a list of over 100 Christian radio stations playing Christian hip-hop.  The cost for artists will be inexpensive and easy to get their music out.  These stations have to go to many different outlets to find good music.  We are happy to finally bring it to them.”

QPlay will be the exclusive hip-hop music-servicing site for the Reach Records label of artists like Lecrae, Tedashii, and PRo.  It will also service Clear Sight Music’s artists, such as FLAME, as well as the other hip-hop artists that Shamrock Media promotes.  For more information about QPlay, or email us at

Note: There are many ways to promote your music to radio.  Servicing it through QPlay is a great start to getting your music to radio, but it is not the only way to get radio interested in finding your music.  With over 100 radio stations that play Christian hip-hop and many artists fighting to get a spot on their playlist, we recommend you hire a radio promotion company to further your opportunity of getting your music played.

About Digital Frontiers Media (DFM)

Digital Frontiers Media (DFM) is an award-winning multimedia production company based in Sarasota, Florida that specializes in projects where technology, content, and interactivity intersect.  DFM develops eye-catching interactive media, national attention-getting websites, and custom programming services, including Augmented Reality (AR) and mobile apps.  DFM specializes in the “freakishly brilliant” Drupal open source Content Management System (CMS) and building projects that draw upon multiple disciplines to provide superior user experiences.

About Shamrock Media

Founded in 2005, Shamrock Media started as a Christian radio promotion company that serviced the CHR/ROCK side of CCM.  It quickly became one of the top promotion companies in the Nashville area.  In 2010, Shamrock expanded and added an AC/INSPO division to radio promotions with a renewed focus on RHYTHMIC (hip-hop) promotions starting in 2012.  Promoting independent and nationally signed artists, our team of promotional experts at Shamrock Media all have backgrounds in either the music or the radio industry, offering a high quality brand behind your music and the necessary tools needed to promote your music to your intended audience.