“If you dont stand for something youll fall for anything” Those are words that have been repeated in the lyrical phenomenon Midnyte Suns head. Midnyte Sun has chosen to stand for God! Due to recent discoveries, past experiences and rude awakenings he has come to the realization that the world doesnt have anything to offer him but hurt, pain, lies & disappointments. Midnyte Sun believes in feeding words of power, words of truth, and words of wisdom. The common subject matter to discuss in todays music is bling bling, money, drugs, fancy cars & clothes, sex and other materialistic things that only exist in a world of deceit. “I will use punch lines from the streets so people can relate and let their guard down”. However, what Im doing is bigger than music! Positive cant save anybody; the idea is to use the music as the bait, a common interest, music that would touch people in a special way that will open their hearts for change. People that dont know Christ are missing something and I want to help them find it. Midnyte Sun is not your typical rapper although he is a member of our typical youth. Despite the trials & tribulations that he has encountered in his 22 years of living, including being crippled for a short period at a very early age, being raised fatherless and the straight up hard core life of being young gifted and black, he has chosen to be a voice for todays youth. His style is sweet yet raw; his voice is distinct yet smooth. Midntye Sun has been writing, performing and recording for the last 4 years of his life. His goal is to be able to provide a positive outlet for the youth through his music, he has a vision to be a pioneer. He would love to perform on stage for a worldwide audience, but only if he doesnt have to compromise his Christianity. Midnyte Sun is like no other; he is enjoying who God has made him to be, he is indeed destined for greatness! It is by Gods grace that this young man is healing the hearts and catching the attention of our young people. In due time the world will see his light shine! Whether you are ready or not. Midnyte Sun is gonna hit where it hurts! For bookings or more info please contact www.myspace.com/nytesun