Shanard Joyce (Lyrical O.J.) born June 2nd 1981 in Greensboro NC. Has been rapping for thirteen year, but seriously for Christ eight years.Raised by a single mom Lyrical O.J. has seen the ups and downs of life, And in 2001 he dedicated his life to Christ took his gift of Hip Hop and began recording for God and the lost souls of the world. Lyrical O.J. has had the honor of sharing the stage with the likes of Tonex’, Corey Redd,Everyday Process,and many more Hip hop artist.Lyrical O.J. found his call to the streets by making life music dope rhymes dope beats and most of all Christ. As can be heard on the soon to be released Now or Never mixtape with the F.A.M. and on his debut solo album C.R.I.M.E. or Christ Remains In My Example due out in early March 09!