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Artist: Loxdang3r
Featured: Mc Prophet
Production: God Workz Music
Album: God Given Talent Mixtape
Purchase: Free
Release Date: Unknown
Label: God Workz Music
Hometown: Brummen, Netherlands

 I am 19 years old and I live in the Netherlands. i’m busy over here in Holland (The Netherlands) trying to spread the name of our lord Jesus and I’m doing this by means of music. If God is willing i will be bringing out a mixtape called [God Given Talent].They are a lot of kids here who have never heard about God and only think that life is just party, drinking and then die, thats why i’m busy working on music so that i can reach out to these young peoples and tell them about this wonderful God we have.

Most of the music i do them for the young kids because i love to see God’s wonderful creation dancing and worshipping God, Screaming out his name.
Thank You very Much and God Bless!