Brampton based Lord Badu drops the mixtape 22 after a two year hiatus from making music. This project gives listeners a glimpse of what he went through during that time and sheds light on the story of his life from birth until now.

Lord comes out the gate with the title track “22” that is an unashamed anthem of recognizing Christ as the reason why he made it to 22 (and now 23). Joined by Juliet Oh, Lord encourages us with the beginning journey of his testimony. This song encourages the listener to recognize that outside of Christ, we are destined for demise.

“The Encounter Interlude” gives us look into Lord’s mind with his prayer at the beginning to “Encounter the Lord in a fresh and new way.” As the bars begin to flow, we notice a change in the speech pattern and realize that it’s Christ speaking to Lord as he has a fresh “Encounter.” Speaking of His sacrifice on the cross and how that brings us forgiveness. The piano backdrop on this track adds to the smooth vibe.

“Brickyard Way” and “Like Me (Confidence)” pair up next to bring some dope encouragement to those who are might be going through some difficulties. “Brickyard Way” comes with a sober “lift up your head” tip that reminds us to walk in community because we need each other. “Like Me” can come off cocky, but it’s hype track to focus on who you are in Christ! The production on this one will have it on the party playlist this weekend for sure.

“Africana Woman”, “Love Love pt 2 (feat. Kayla Starks)” and “Pepper” all deal with love and relationships. We hear Lord go from looking for the “Africana Woman” that he’s been searching for to following Christ to remain pure in “Love Love pt. 2” to how hearing how his lady can make “him better.” This can be an example for us all that if we walk with Christ in a pure way that for those who may be searching can find a “Good Thing.” Jumping down to “Rejection” deals with the heartache that comes with heartbreak, and the healing that God brings after.

As we continue to walk with Lord on this journey to 22, we get to see many of the questions, doubts, tribulations and revelations that he experienced with “Pryde Freestyle”, “Real Prophetz (feat. Mouthpi3ce & Alex Pigani), “Visions (feat. S.O.)”, “Losing My Religion” and “Sola Gratia pt. 2”. Self-realization, exposing greed and manipulation in the church, and more are among the subject matter covered.

As we come to the end of this journey, we find ourselves passing by “23rd Avenue” Lord soberly reflects on where he has come from and points us to trust in the promise that “we will make it through.”

22 is an encouraging encounter with the life of Lord! I have no doubt that as he continues to pursue the Lord and make music that he will no doubt impact many for the Kingdom. I look forward to what God will do with him and his music.

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