You’re no good for me at all.
I want you tho…

As I sit and I think about it
I Love my sin and I’ve never lived a Day without it
And when I’m not doing it, I sit and think about it
Jesus take the wheel because my sin’s on auto pilot
My flesh suppressed the spirit, Now its voice is silent
All I see is anger, starting to resort to violence
Sin is death and my life is being plowed in
now it seems that my sight and judgement are being clouded
Lord, Save me from myself
Cleanse me of this leprosy I really need your help
Chasten me with your word like pants to a belt
I know the sin I commit is not good for my health
But Jesus you’re the king
I know you can take this awful sinner and make me clean
God you’re the puppeteer, you’re pulling all the strings
But why does it feel like you’re not here with me
I idolised my sin and I am sorry God
I need to come back into your grace so for-give me God
I need you God
I live you God
I breathe you God
Just see me God
Receive me God
As your child of God
I need you God….
I need you God
I need you God
So take the Sin away
Just take the Sin away
Just take the sin away!

Everythings gonna be alright
Like the sparkle of your eye
Do you think we’ll be in love for ever (No)
Do you think we’ll be in love?

You’re no good for me x3
And I don’t want you I dont want.

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