There is a lot going on that has believers around the world praying. The people of Baltimore, Maryland are dealing with several unfortunate events at the moment. The death of Freddie Gray, violent protests, and racial tension has shook their community. Also, many are grieving for the people of Nepal as they are recovering from a 7.8-magnitude earthquake that hit their capital Kathmandu and took the lives of thousands. The Christian hip-hop community has reacted to these tragedies with words of wisdom, offers to assist, and commentary, among other things.






The CHH community is displaying a lot of passion for the current problems affecting our world. It would take an never-ending post to document every single thought on the issues. Artists like Kareem Manuel, Alex Faith, D-Flow, Swift, and more have also expressed their views. Make sure you follow your favorite hip-hop artists on twitter for their full thoughts on Baltimore and Nepal.

What do you think about Christian hip-hop’s reaction to recent tragedies? 


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