On September 5, Lecrae was interviewed on Chris Chicago’s show, Jam The Hype LIVE, the number 1 syndicated Christian Hip Hop radio program in the world. Crae talked to Chicago about Anomaly, negativity in social media, how Christians can make a change in the world and much more. Episode 553 wasn’t the normal interview, it was definitely an Anomaly! 

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Lecrae Talks Anomaly Album 

“The actual definition of Anomaly is the deviation from what’s normal, kind of something that doesn’t go with the status quo, a little bit against the grain,” says Lecrae to Jam The Hype’s Chris Chicago. “To me, it’s probably my most personal album that I’ve ever done. It’s definitely the most consistent project that I’ve ever done in terms of just the quality of the songs and the music. It’s really me in my skin. I think what a lot of people don’t realize, with artists, is their discovering themselves along the way and they go through transitions musically and now it’s kind of like, man, I have more confidence in who I am as a man and an artists than I ever have.”

Anomaly is Lecrae’s most successful album. His seventh studio album debuted number 1 on Billboard, is getting played on FM Radio, and has made a major impact on the entertainment world in general.

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Lecrae Details His Song “Nuthin” & Trust In Gawvi’s Production Skills.

“Nuthin is really just a response to the culture,” Crae told Jam The Hype LIVE. “It just says, hey listen, you were made in God’s image. We as human beings are stamped in the image of God and he has created us as his workmanship for things he planned. I just want people to know, that we were made for more than the small things that we all stand behind and champion.”

The Gravity-crafter speaks on Gawvi, the Reach Records producer who created the instrumental for “Nuthin.”

“I just have a lot of confidence in the producer Gawvi,” says Lecrae. “It feels like I’ve practically raised the guy. I’ve been with him since he was a teenager. He is just a really talented young man and I let him speak his mind. He brings stuff to us and he is incredibly gifted.”

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Lecrae Names Favorite Lecrae Song & MVP Of Rap

Lecrae has released seven studio albums and two mixtapes. 116 fans have a lot of songs to choose from. Crae recently revealed which song out of the ones he has crafted is his personal favorite.

“Probably right now, out of all of my songs, I’m going to say “Take Me As I Am,” just because it has a kind of spiritual residue on it,” says Crae when asked which of his songs is his favorite.  “I’ve never heard more people say that their life has been impacted or changed by a song as much as I have from that one.”

Lecrae believes Swoope of Collision Records is the current MVP of Rap.

“You know what, right now, I’m going to say…you know, Swoope did a song called “Same Team” and that’s something that no one has really tried to like champion or encourage people in,” Lecrae told Chris Chicago. “We are all on this team together. I got to give it to Swoope. He championed that kind of concept and that’s beautiful.”

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