It’s been less than a year since Lecrae dropped his last project All Things Work Together. There is no chill for summer as Crae has collabed with Zaytoven to drop Let The Trap Say Amen.

There is no doubt that Lecrae has grown in talent & skill as well as in content and the focus of his influence. Let The Trap Say Amen is no exception as he adjusts to the lyrical style and form
to a trap sound with what some would call a mumble rap flow, though a bit more polished than most.

This project is stacked with features that include Waka Flocka Flame, K-So Jaynes, 24Hrs, ShySpeaks, nobigdyl. & Verse Simmonds. With Zaytoven beats from end to end, there’s nothing left to say but Let The Trap Say Amen.

“Get Back Right” is at the jump which may be the reason why it was the first single released for the album. Lecrae let’s us know where he’s been, and how he “fell off, lost my cool.” Now he’s back, right. We waste no time as we continue on this journey as he lets us know that he is not ashamed of what he “Preach”es. This track along with “Plugged In” and “Only God Can Judge Me” is a clear message that Lecrae loves Jesus and is called to following Him even if it looks different.

Waka Flocka Flame and K-So Jaynes join Crae on “2 Sides Of The Game” to hit on the deceptive glamorous side of the drug game that hides the destructive end that leads to prison or death. “Blue Strips” continues on the conversation of how the blind pursuit (love of) money can also lead to a destructive end.

Lecrae does take some time to let us know that the end of his music is not even close because he’s not done “Yet” and he let’s us know that despite the opposition that he has faced or will face he “Can’t Lose”. These songs in particular talk about not just what he is planning for himself or just his family, but also how he plans on giving back to the community. I call them thought provokers as they cause you to ask “What am I doing to help?” And with the dope hook that 24hrs. laced this track with, you won’t be able to get it off your mind.

As we round the final corner of the project, summer begins changing to autumn. The chill vibes of “Fly Away” with nobigdyl. and “By Chance” with Verse Simmmonds help us to see what it looks like when Lecrae reflects and how truly thankful he is to the Lord for where he is and where he is going.

This project was a pleasant surprise to listen to. If Lecrae continues to grow like this with albums going forward, then “Let The Trap Say Amen!”

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