Artist: LaVie
Album: Life Music
Release Date: 2009 TBA
Label: Indie
Hometown: Miami, FL
Bio/Notes: First single from upcomig debut album “Life Music;” sang chorus on Dre Marshall’s “More” track.

In Miami’s gospel music scene, there is an artist whose vivacity, vibrancy, and all-out attitude about God resonates so powerfully that she is fittingly called La Vie, which means The Life and because she believes in experiencing the ZOE life that God intended for us to have here on earth. Née Charline Louis, this young woman sees her ministry going to every corner that regular gospel can’t enter because she, “like[s] to think out of the box and open the minds of God’s people, churched and un-churched.” La Vie began officially testing her God-given talent of singing in her first talent show in the seventh grade. But after giving her life to Christ when she was seventeen years old, she began to use her talent to glorify God and began pursuing gospel music. In doing so, she has sung background for many local artists such as Kristine Alicia and Dre Marshall, and on a larger scale, for Martha Munizzi, Joe Pace, and Papa San. Seeing the potential of the gift placed in this woman of God, in 2007 Cal and Renee Roberts, La Vie’s spiritual parents and pastors of her home church, Latter Rain Family Worship Center, asked her to be the worship leader of their church. In the small span of year as a worship leader, La Vie has seen her ministry reach new heights. She believes that the enemy has been manipulating God’s people through music, so through music La Vie intends on taking them back as her reasonable service to God. Using 1 Peter 4:10-11 as her reference, a mission of encouraging believers and non-believers to experience the spirit of joy through agreeable sound, and a vision of inciting others to love one another and themselves, God’s splendor will be revealed and more will come to give their lives to Christ as she did. Because God hid her in the shadow of his hand, polishing her like an arrow, the words she sings, like an arrow won’t be without purpose and will always hit, leaving a mark on the lives of those who hear the words (Isaiah 49:2-3).