On the heels of the release of the single “C.R.I.D.” (Christian Rap Is Dead), Double Edge Ministries CEO, Kre8tor, is premiering a brand new single.

“I Kept Runnin,” featuring urban recording artist Dianna Hobbs, is a catchy, yet personal anthem, detailing the lyricist’s tumultuous upbringing and his rocky road to salvation.

Ahead of the full August 5th release of his LP, LMR, which stands for “Losing My Religion,” the Rochester-based emcee is letting his supporters inside the hurt that, for a time, drove him away from God.

“Moms did what she could do/Pops left when I was just two/A few years later she married again/Now there’s another man in the house playing pretend,” raps Kre8tor, digging into his difficult childhood without the presence of his biological father.

Take no father figure and couple that with a strained relationship with his stepdad and you get the perfect recipe for feelings of displacement and rage.

These conflicting emotions led Kre8tor into the gangbanging, hustling life of crime, that, only by the grace of God, he escaped.

“Back then I used to love to fight/A young teen in them streets feeling right/Held my first clip, held my first gun/Shot my first shot, felt that first one,” he says.

After the initial shot, there were many more that followed as he “kept running” from a God he didn’t really want to know.

“I Kept Runnin” not only digs into the struggles of his past, but also, the current ones the husband and father faces as he serves God with his sought-after gift.

“Kre8tor’s whole Losing My Religion album is amazing. I really think it’s his best work to date,” Hobbs told EEW Magazine. She also said she was “wowed as she listened to tracks from the project in a closed studio session weeks ago.”

When Kre8tor invited her to be featured on “I Kept Runnin,” Hobbs said it was “a no-brainer to collaborate with the immensely talented Kre8tor. We have great chemistry in the studio and his message is rock solid. I really love that.”

When speaking about the message of the single, Hobbs said, “I believe it will inspire others and give hope to so many who can relate to Kre8tor’s story. As they listen, they’ll know if he can make it, they can as well. All they have to do is stop running.”

Kre8tor, who is also an in-demand film and video director, shot the visual for Full Ride Music rapper Thi’sl’s single “Take My Life” featuring Flame and J’son, and This’l’s short film Fallen King.

Now, he has come from behind the camera telling others’ stories and hopped onto the studio microphone to tell his own.

Twitter: @doubleedgemin


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