Kevin Hackett talks about his latest project: “B.O.R.N. stands for Born Of Royal Nature. The meanings to it are endless, some of which include the birth of my new artist name (Kevin Hackett) and moving on from my past name, King (Royal Nature= King). It also represents the connection between the last song
on KINGdom (my previous album) titled “King is Dead” and the first song on this album, “Born”.

King is dead -> Born. Get it? This album is also a metaphor for the rise and fall of an artist. This album represents the rise of the prodigy, while my other album KINGdom represents the fall of the artist who has already made it big. This is a prequel and a sequel to KINGdom. The two albums together are essentially a never ending loop, but I’ll explain that later. It’s a prequel in the way that it has the themes of a young artist trying to make it, who sometimes is confident and other times is not.

I’m that artist. KINGdom represents an artist who has finally made it, the same artist who was trying to make it during this album, me. You can hear at the end of the last song on this album that it starts playing the first song on KINGdom, “The Beginning”. This was to symbolize the connection between the two albums. As I said earlier though, the last song on KINGdom (King is Dead) represents the death of
King and the birth of Kevin Hackett. It directly carries on to B.O.R.N., just like B.O.R.N. connects directly to KINGdom. That’s what the never ending loop is. An artists rises, then falls, then comes his prodigy. The prodigy rises, falls, then comes his prodigy and so on. So there’s that.”

1. Born [prod. By Spence Mills]
2. Limits (feat. Andrew Mulat) [prod. By Wonya Love]
3. PRIDE (feat. Sam Stan) [prod. By Andrew Mulat & Adrian Stresow]
4. People Talking [prod. By Nightizm]
5. Time Machine (feat. Adrian Stresow) [prod. By Adrian Stresow]
6. Flight of The Navigator [prod. By Dandeezy]
7. Summer Camp Stories [prod. By Adrian Stresow]
8. Legendary (Part II) (feat. Andrew Mulat) [prod. By Wonya Love]
9. Nothing (feat. Levi Hinson) [prod. By Andrew Mulat]
10. The Redemption of Kevin Hackett [prod. By Stumbleine]

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