Also Hear: Find A Way ft Dwayne Tryumf
Artist: Katalyst
Featured: Lecrae
Album: Death by Design
Release Date: March 24, 2009
Label: Unsigned/Indie
Website: www.myspace.com/katalyze
Bio/Notes: Features include Lecrae and Dwayne Tryumf as well as production by k-Drama, T Stone, G Styles, and Alex Medina. Thanks and God bless.

The point of my album is dual parts. On one side you have God who created everything including us, knowing that we were going to sin. Knowing that he was going to have to die for us and he still did it. Amazing! 2 is the fact that for us to live as Christians we have to die to ourselves and our sinful nature. In order to live we have to die, don’t you just love the irony. So the album follows the process of God setting it up to die for us and what our lives should like in response. Also following our lives as we learn to die to ourselves to find life inside of Jesus Christ. I tried really hard to explore different sounds and themes on this album while still keeping it cohesive. I hope that you will be encouraged, challenged, and bobbing to the beat as you try to reach Death by Design.