Kaleb told his dad that he wanted to be a rapper after watching 8 Mile at age nine, a film about Eminem.

“My dad was in the first generation of hip-hop, but he didn’t stick to that. He felt the call of ministry more than that. He knows rap through and through so when I said that he was skeptical at first.”

Kaleb wanted to show his dad that he wanted to rap, so he got a notebook and started writing “whatever I thought rhymed. Some of the stuff was just terrible, but pretty soon I turned thirteen and wrote this anti-bullying song.” After the song came out, he decided to seriously pursue rap.

He recently released a free, twelve track project called 45. “Its very near and dear to my heart. Growing up I had a million ideas.” He loved to share his ideas and dreams with his friends, but they were rarely supportive of his endeavors.

“Some people just don’t think as big as you think.”

Kaleb believes that many people will shoot down ideas that they can’t physically see, but he doesn’t let that discourage him from pursue his dreams. When he was nine years old, Kaleb told his friends that he wanted to be a musician, but they didn’t believe he could do it.