“I like to fuse elements of different genres into my music, not because I’m trying to relate to certain people but that’s just what I like to put in my music.”

K-Drama has been making music since 1999, when he was fifteen years old, and in February he released his eight album. “My new album is called The 8th and what I’m trying to communicate is that we all have a giant or giants that we have to face. It’s my eight album but also I’m tying in two other themes.” K-Drama’s themes are that the number eight biblically represents new beginnings.

He feels that he is in a new season of his life where he is starting over. “There’s a whole group of CHH heads who are like ‘Who is this K-Drama guy? I’ve heard his name before but I don’t really know who he is. I’ve never checked his stuff out.” He wants this album to show who he is to those who are unfamiliar with his music.