Artist: Just Me
Production: Just Me
Album: Before the Twilight
Release Date:
Label: ILLECT Recordings
Hometown: NC
Website: https://www.myspace.com/justmee
Bio/Notes: ILLECT Recordings and JustMe want to share this track in celebration of this special Mother’s Day holiday where we all remember our mother.

The first song recorded for JustMe’s new album, Before The Twilight, was self-produced.  As a matter of fact, “How I Met Your Mother” is the only song on the album not produced by North Carolina native Commissioner Gordon.  With that said, it is all the more personal and touching.  Like “Latenight Lullaby” from his 2006 release, One Man’s Trash, “How I Met Your Mother” is a song sung directly to Justin’s son Jake.  It is a beautiful story about a man changed by love, in more ways than one. Enjoy!