Jonathan Baker is an artist is one of the best artists that you probably don’t know about. We’ve highlighted him a few times before here on Jam the Hype.  Jonathan is the producer who has shaped the sound of Christon Gray, producing for Christon’s “School of Roses” and many of Christon’s tracks prior.  Jonathan is a passionate worship leader, multi-instrumentalist, and hip hop artist.  Over the years, he’s released various tracks but recently has been embarking on an EP series, the first of which is “Live” and the second is “Live Again.”  This cut “What Am I” is from the Live Again EP and illustrates his soulful and passionate sound.  The track is restrained, yet shows the depth of which Jonathan is capable.  He is a master of soul styling and if you check out the EPs, you’ll also get to know his hip hop chops.  Enjoy.

Live Again EP on iTunes

Live EP on iTunes