Joel is a new age hip-hop/rap artist on a mission to reach the youth and young adult audience with a message of hope and promise. He is a man of strong convictions, and those convictions are clearly expressed through his lyrics. Through his music, Joel has challenged his listeners, motivating them to make better choices and life decisions. Even though God is at the center of his nature, the listener isn’t left with the feeling of sitting in on a lecture. The listener is moreover captivated by the tales of street mental-ism, and that of a seasoned veteran ideology. Joel is no stranger to pain, and that is made very apparent in his delivery. Fueled by his past, he has very alluring ideals for a better future. Ideals on becoming better people, better families, and better communities. This is all outlined in his music in such a soulful, and eclectic manner. Joel isn’t just another artist. He is a living example. A real role model. A honorable husband. A formidable father. A compassionate community leader.

“Flex” acts as the second single from Nashville rapper Joel’s upcoming studio debut album entitled 7Days. On his first single Joel joined forces with Grammy-nominated producer K.E. On The Track, who provided the rhymer with a somewhat menacing instrumental. Now he looks to bring the house down with bass heavy street banger from Armored Sound Productions. “All i gotta do is Flex” the hook exclaims as he shows us all that success is in the eye of the beholder.

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