Who is Jesus? Is He Lord, liar, or a lunatic? This video was inspired by Jesus’ claims and the question He poses to Peter in Matthew chapter 16. Connect with CFI Ministries: https://www.CFIMission.com https://www.Twitter.com/CFIMission https://www.Facebook.com/CFIMission What is CFI Ministries? Visit our mission & vision page: https://cfimission.com/index.php/about… Jeff would love to come speak in your area! For booking, visit our form here: https://www.cfimission.com/index.php/b… CFI Ministries is a registered 501(c)(3) non profit organization. If you would like to help support CFI Ministries & help us make more videos like this one visit this page:https://cfimission.com/index.php/get-i… Books which also inspired this video are below: C.S. Lewis – Mere Christianity – https://ow.ly/lsSiG Josh McDowell – More Than A Carpenter – https://ow.ly/lsRJF Josh McDowell – The New Evidence That Demands A Verdict –https://ow.ly/lsRSO VIDEOGRAPHER INFO: Facebook: https://ow.ly/ctFhh Twitter: https://ow.ly/ctFeS Site: https://ow.ly/ctFea Email: matthew@cikproductions.com AUDIO PRODUCER INFO: Facebook: https://ow.ly/dr57o Twitter: https://ow.ly/lt9du Email: soundbreaker.musik@gmail.com