Artist: Jeeta
Production: Vybe Productions
Release Date:
Label: Jeeta Music
Hometown: Michigan City, IN
Bio/Notes: Jeeta, was born Kevin Getter in the Spring of 1982 , in Michigan City, IN. Born to a teenaged mother Jeeta was the oldest of the three of his mothers’ children.  Although his childhood story is a familiar one, his life was unlike any other. “My childhood is pretty much a blur, I know somewhere in mind are a lot of great memories, but all I could remember were the painful ones, so I just shut them out.”, Jeeta says of his early years growing up in the city’s Harborside Homes Project. In an environment full of drugs, violence and poverty, Jeeta is no stranger to hard times. His mother drag him to church during the times she was seeking God and sent him to church with his Grandmother during the times she wasn’t. He grew up in a household where he witness years of physical and verbal abuse with his mother on the receiving end.  Being a very sensitive child, he found solitude in the pages of his drawings. In an attempt to escape life’s reality, he entered into his own world by recreating photos he had seen in books and magazines by hand and pencil.

As the years passed, Jeeta grew more and more independent and as a result of peer pressure as well as teasing, he sought to please everyone around him with the hopes of gaining there acceptance. Years later with the life of an average teenager and no longer living in the project, Jeeta had finally begun to enjoy life as a normal kid. As he entered his junior year of high school, everything in his life began to change. He fell to the temptations of sex, drugs, gang life and life was just one big party. This was until an encounter with Jesus Christ at his uncles’ church would rock his life forever. He began to question everything that he had been doing over the years and what God had to say about it. Jeeta fell in love with Christ, and after graduating high, spending 5 years in the US Army and experiencing all that life had to throw at him.  Jeeta soon took a liking to Christian rap and although he never saw himself actually doing it, he accepted his calling to the ministry at 22 and began to use Christian Rap as a means of evangelism.

Now some 5 years later the Lord has allowed for Jeeta to begin establishing himself as a valuable asset to the body of the believer. Currently 27 years old and Jeeta is a full-time student at St. Louis Christian College, he is a devoted husband to his wife of 7 years Lavette and a loving father to his 3 beautiful children. It’s been a long time coming and Jeeta is ready and willing to go out into the world proclaiming the word of God to anyone who will listen and even to the ones that won’t.  To God be the glory, it now time to receive from Jeeta what the Lord has placed inside of him.