Manuel “Manny Megatron” Garcia, fka Jblaze305, has launched a new podcast titled ‘Daddy Dialogue,’ which documents his experiences of raising his son Josiah.

The inspiration behind the series stems from a desire to create an archive of moments that Garcia’s son can listen to for years to come. In the process of releasing his weekly podcasts, parents from across the country started to reach out and detail how Daddy Dialogue was connecting with them. Now more than ever, Manny Megatron is motivated to continue adding value and displaying what early parenthood looks like, including the good, bad, and ugly.

“It started as a passion project and then soon I discovered there was a serious purpose for it,” Manny said in an interview.

Daddy Dialogue was recently picked up by Spotify as one of the only parenthood podcasts crafted by an Urban Christian.

Manuel “Manny Megatron” Garcia is known for his work in Christian Hip-Hop and Latino music. Artists like Social Club Misfits (FERN & Marty), Rhema Soul, GAWVI and Leslie Grace did some of their first interviews on FNFLive, an iconic radio show Garcia founded, that aired on La Nueva 88.3 FM in Miami for over a decade. He is currently co-host of the Mack And Manny In The Morning Show on NGEN Radio, which airs on 91.7 FM in Houston, Texas.

Follow his podcast on Spotify. Link to Daddy Dialogue HERE.

Social Media: @Jblaze305

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