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Artist: Jadee The Rapper
Featured: Sanatize
Production: Jadee The Rapper
Release Date: December 20,2010
Label: Eloheim Music Group
Hometown: Jacksonville, Florida
Website: website
Bio/Notes: I am a young 19 year Christian Artist, with the will to promote Christ by being Illuminated

Lyrics :

I dont believe in gods
im in my own lane
imma atheist
dont pray for me man
I dont need to change
Obama aint my name
    not into religions
Pharisees are fake
i dont worship music
lil wayne, and drake
chrome 28
candy green paint
or the love of money
cuz i love the king
wait let me restate
i love God the king
Take a lesson from me
but u aint gotta pay
you gotta die to yourself
so you can live again
possessed by the Ghost
im moving differently
God is my heart
what an epiphany
im not stuck on stupid
i hate the enemy
i hate sex before marriage
cuase displease
so unclean
call it leprosy
disease aint extinct
for some it a center peace


Big Time Athiest Yeah thats me


i dont believe in any god
but the highest leaf
illuminated green
of the highest tree
so im branching off
im in the family
not kirk franklins
what an epiphany
Lotta people go
 and claim christiainity
 in reality
the should claim insanity
live facebook
7 days a week
#Time spent with god
maybe once a week
well im once strong
jesuzbandwagon  on
catch me in the morn
praying to my God throme
christian atheist
No im more on
for the morons
take heed to my word
ive been inspired
Gods jealous God
statement wont expire
bible wont be fired
pagan idols apply
but they wont be  hired
they dont qualify